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I know allot of people gram their pencils, eraser's, and other bits and bobs for creative use, but I just wanted to go over some tools I ended up using for a good time now. Everything listed has been the final choice after nitpicking through many various brands.


Pentel GFKP 

I use this pen for almost anything that is hand written or that requires any type of stylized line. The packaging has anime drawings on it as an example, which it works really well for, but I just use it for typography and other illustrations.  


Plastic X-Acto Blade  

I've never been a fan of metal x-acto knifes, probably because the blade is also metal so In my mind my fingers are that much closer to slipping on a sharp blade. These knifes are really easy to hold and they're actually ergonomic, I mean its better then holding a stick which is the common shape for most x-acto knifes. 


Alvin Rotary Lead Pointer

 You have to use this sharpener if you go with a lead holder which I highly recommend for many reasons. The great part about using a lead holder is that you can always get the lead super sharp without having to use an X-acto, which takes allot longer and is really a mess.  


Staedtler Mars Plastic Combi Eraser

This eraser states that it erases type of inks but I haven't one yet that it does. Besides that the Staedler erasers are easy to clean up after and don't crumble everywhere, they also make a pretty clean erase. 

Amazon    |    How its made, If youre bored 

Koh-I-Noor Lead Holder lead holder

You can really use any type of lead holder and get the same result I just found this holder to be the cutest and she's italian. 



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